It took me about three months to write this film. I aspired to create something personal and touch a theme that people can relate to. The number of applicants for these two roles came close to a thousand. Since these two roles demanded a wide emotional register, I had no choice but to carefully test the applicants’ limits as well as strenghts.

The first time Arvid caught my attention was when I looked at his showreel. Usually when I look at showreels, they are clips showing the actor/actress saying a number of lines. Arvid’s showreel, however, was different. It showed his facial expression in different situations which made him stand out. Considering his young age, he made very smart acting choices during set and convinced me that he can grow into something special in the future.

The night before the last casting session for the teacher role, I received an e-mail from an actress named Therese. Despite having little time to rehearse compared to the other candidates, she really wanted to give it a try. I recognized her from a casting session for my previous short film, and was curious to see what she would do with the role. With so little time to prepare and having a cold on top of that, she really impressed me. Therese is a rare type of actress that can probably do any genre and deliver every time.